The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting was organised by PROMEA and took place in Athens, Greece,  on the 7th of June 2017. The meeting was an occasion for PAIZ to present the newly developed ELSS prototype to Partners and conduct a hands on workshop introducing them to the functionalities of the prototype. The procedure of gathering feedback on the prototype and the results of gathering feedback on e-learning training topic and content were also presented and discussed. Partners agreed on the competences they will devote their e-learning modules to. Further steps in developing both Intellectual Outputs were agreed.


The kick-off meeting of the ELSS project was hosted by PAIZ in Warsaw, on the 14th and 15th of November 2016, with the participation of all project partners.
On the first day of the meeting, PAIZ delivered a presentation on the rationale for the project in the light of research on the impact of trainings and a research done by Partners on the use of solutions supporting implementation of learning into the workplace.
They pointed out that it’s important that managers offer support to employees if new skills are going to be introduced. After that the idea of the ELSS system and its planned functionalities have been presented: ELSS will be an online service, in 3 Partner languages and in English, to support the implementation of skills acquired through different forms of learning through pre-learning, learning and post-learning activities. It will involve trainers, trainees and managers in the implementation process.
The meeting concluded with a sum-up of imminent tasks. Participants assessed the quality of the meeting on the basis of an evaluation form. Partners agreed the 2nd project meeting will be held in Athens on June 2017.