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AIDP, the Italian Association for People Management, is a non-political and non-profit organization whose members are managers and professionals active in the field of human resources, both in private, governmental and public organizations of every size and description, and people who deal with issues regarding the relationship between “people and work” in a scholarly, research or academic capacity. Established in 1960, is composed of members who have joined on an individual and voluntary basis. It has the goal of enhancing the professionalism of its members and serving as an active component in the process of developing human resources in the workplace, in the wider context of the social evolution of the country, with the aim of promoting the basic importance of the individual and human dignity in the workplace and society at large.
Through initiatives, publications, projects and researches on the most important issues regarding the world of work and the future of the HR Management, AIDP is a source of professional services and a driver of development of the professionalism of the members, prerequisite for the success of organizations and the growth of the people.
Boasting some 3.000 members and a community of more than 18.000 members AIDP has sixteen regional and inter-regional chapters and is an active component of EAPM (the European Association of People Management) and WFPMA (the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations).
In 2001 AIDP founded FMRH the Mediterranean Federation for the study and diffusion of issues regarding the management of human resources in collaboration with the governments of France, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Marocco and Tunisia.
It regularly publishes Direzione del Personale (on a quarterly basis) and the webzine Hr on Line (twice a week), and a series of books on the Management of Human Resources published by Guerini Next.

Since 1947 Confapi stands for development of Small and Medium Industries (SMEs) which represent the core of Italian economic and industrial system. The Confederation acts on behalf of Italian SMEs, safeguarding their interests and promoting at political level actions aimed at national and international development of associated industries. According to its primary mission, it maintains a constant dialogue with governmental Institutions and social Associations in order to propose appropriate laws and economic measures. It also implements initiatives and programs aimed at promoting the Italian economic development in cooperation with national and European institutions. It negotiates and stipulates collective labour agreements with national Trade Unions.
Confapi is able to offer to associated industries a wide range of services in the field of international and European affairs: lobbying at European political level; research of business opportunities at national and European level; participation at European projects with other international associations and SMEs.
Confapi is also member of CEA-PME (European Confederation of Small and Medium Industries), located in Bruxelles and including 13 SMEs National Associations which represent 600.000 industries and 14,5 million employees.

Finance & Banking, Organisational & HR development Association (EFFEBI Association) is a non-profit organization set up in 1978. Since its foundation it has been a reference point for people involved HR management and development and organizational models, mainly for the banking & financial sector. Members of the Association are the leading Italian Banking groups and medium/small Banks.
At international level, EFFEBI is a funder member of EBTN (European Banking and Financial Services Training Association) and is actively involved in its activities. The Association keeps significant relationships with other Institutions, Associations, Universities, Schools, Enterprises and Organisations active in the field of HR Management and Development.
In 2012 Effebi Association has also established the Centre for Research and European Studies (CRESfb) to promote studies and research related to the development of HR and training in the FSS, both at national and European level. The Centre is supported by Experts and Professionals, in collaboration with Universities. Among its aims there is the promotion of the European dimension in vocational and training through the designing of professional qualifications in line with the principles of EQF, ECVET and EQAVET.
The Association releases also a quarterly review «FB-BANCA in FORMAZIONE».

PAIZ Konsulting Sp. z o.o. has been providing training and consulting services for small, medium and large organisations since 1997. To this day almost 10.000 employees from over 900 companies from all over Poland and other European countries participated in its educational events.
According to a research by the independent research center DATA GROUP, PAIZ was listed among the 17 training companies in Poland most recommended by clients. PAIZ also received “Top Quality Training Deliverer” rewards.
PAIZ experience in designing and delivering ICT based educational solutions culminated in partnership in the project to develop an online service to improve communication skills in the workplace using branching stories games. It has also experience in developing e-learning for commercial clients and offering customized learning implementation support solutions.
PAIZ has significant experience in administering grants from USAID, World Bank  British Know How Fund, Polish-British Enterprise Project and European Structural Fund.
Most current project management and research experience include managing 6 projects granted by European Social Funds. PAIZ also participated as a partner in two Lifelong Learning Programmes and one ERASMUS plus programme.

PROMEA is the Hellenic Association for the promotion of Research & Development Methodologies, and aims at the promotion of knowledge society in Greece and Europe. Established in 2006 and based in Athens, Greece, PROMEA comprises an interdisciplinary team of researchers, trainers & educators, ICT professionals, education and research methodology consultants, and managerial as well as administrative executives.
PROMEA’s thematic focus is on the research, development and valorisation of methodological tools and solutions for the benefit of society, promoting innovation in learning and ICT training solutions in the fields of VET, adult education and lifelong learning.
PROMEA also looks, discusses and develops new research ideas, coordinating or implementing projects in the Erasmus+ programme, in Transnational and Interregional Co-operation Programmes, as well as in the Horizon 2020 programme.